Release agents for polyurethane foam

Release agents are products of vital importance, since they are applied to an infinite number of production processes in the polyurethane industry in important sectors such as automotive, footwear, construction, insulation, etc. They are critical compounds, as they are the ones that allow the manufacture of parts in moulds in a fast, simple and effective way.

Discover the influence that mould release agents have on the production of polyurethane in terms of the appearance and surface properties of the moulded part, the manufacturing process, repairs and waste, mould contamination, the working environment, among many other aspects. 

Learn more about the large number of variables that have to be taken into account in these processes (temperature, mould material, cycle time, finishing, etc.), how to reduce production costs, how to minimize the impact on the environment and workers’ health and at the same time obtain an optimal, safe, non-toxic, easy and fast application.

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