One of Concentrol's main specialization divisions is mold release agents. Thanks to a high level of continuous innovation and long experience of almost 50 years in this sector, Concentrol is one of the exclusive leaders with a worldwide network of partners and distributors who work together every day to provide quality, constant and close service to its customers, which is one of the most important factors behind the exponential growth of the company over the last decades.

Concentrol de-molders are designed to provide the customer with the highest performance at the lowest cost to optimize their production stages as well as an excellent finish on the final parts. Every customer has unique requirements, and for this reason, Concentrol studies the customer's situation and their needs to be able to surely provide the de-molder that best suits their needs. This is the case of the company Espumas Moldeadas Internacional (ESMOINSE) (Barcelona), which produces molded polyurethane foam parts.

Some of the products they manufacture are parts that make up the back of a train seat. For this type of parts the company ESMOINSE needed to have a mold release agent for cold-cured flexible PU foams. In order for the release agent to meet their needs, it was taken into account that the product that Concentrol would provide should offer excellent demolding capacity as well as a smooth part finish, with medium-sized and homogeneous pores. For this reason, ESMOINSE was offered the release agent Concentrol LP FC-67 LT, a high-performance release agent that almost does not contaminate the mold and is homogeneously distributed on the it with a spray gun. In the following video we show you how the customer ESMOINSE uses the release agent in the production of flexible polyurethane foams.


Concentrol provides solutions tailored to the needs of each client in order to always offer the best solution. Contact us to find out more about how our polyurethane foam release agents can help you.

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