“Pink is more than a color.” This is the slogan of the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Girona for this year, an organization that tirelessly works to reduce the impact of breast cancer, improve people’s quality of life, and fund research in the fight against this disease, which is diagnosed every 15 seconds worldwide.

On October 19, World Breast Cancer Day is celebrated, and, like every year since 2020, Concentrol has committed to contributing to this cause. That’s why it joins the AECC Girona campaign and donates a solidarity bracelet to each of its employees.

Since 1953, AECC has been working to raise awareness among the population about breast cancer and provide support to those affected and their families to combat this disease on all fronts. Their work is divided into three main areas: health education, promoting research, and providing comprehensive support to patients and their families.

Concentrol innovates with chemistry to have a positive impact on society and the environment. Solidarity becomes a way to add value to the creation of chemical solutions, which is why the company engages in various social causes that enhance the quality of life in society.