Concentrol and Chemaxia Srl, the Italian distributor of polyurethane products and formulators, would like to announce that we are further reinforcing our technical collaboration on the Italian market thanks to an agreement with Resal Srl, a company located in Corte De ‘Frati (Cremona, Italy ) with technical staff highly qualified in polyurethanes and coatings.

Thanks to this agreement, Resal and Chemaxia, under Concentrol’s technical department’s guidelines, will be able to provide basic technical assistance to Italian customers interested in polyurethanes. In addition, an in-house laboratory has been created to support laboratory customers.

This will allow us to offer a superior, more reliable and faster technical service that adapts to the needs of Italian customers, while also carrying out R+D work in Italy and under Concentrol’s direct responsibility.

Concentrol’s collaboration with Chemaxia has a long history, and the very favourable professional relationship established makes Chemaxia a valuable partner of Concentrol’s and our efficient distributor in Italy in the polyurethane sector and formulators. Chemaxia Srl was founded in 2006 as a distributor and agent in the plastics sector. This family business, after working to strengthen its internal structure, has acquired more than twelve agencies since 2010 through contractual agreements with international joint ventures. Chemaxia’s objective is growth according to its values, not so much in terms of large volumes of products with little added value, but in more specialized sectors.

Photography of Resal’s laboratories