Concentrol is strongly committed to research and the transmission of knowledge and, for this reason, it opens its doors to students in the food and chemical sector, to be able to get in touch with the professional world. Last December, students of the Degree in Innovation and Food Safety of the University of Girona visited the facilities of Concentrol, in order to learn about the actions and tasks that are carried out in the Food Division. Accompanied at all times a by professionals from Concentrol, the students were able to understand the day to day of the company from the inside and the functions that are developed.

One of the essential missions for Concentrol is to offer and guarantee the best quality in all the processes we develop. The GINSA students were able to understand the issue of compliance with the requirements included in the ISO standards. The Food Division of Concentrol has the verification of the requirements demanded in the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The ISO 9001 guarantees the management and the quality in all the processes; while the ISO 14001 standard ensures the establishment of an effective Environmental Management System. The validation of the certificates of the ISO standards is the reflection of the commitment of Concentrol to offer quality and excellence in its products in order to make the best solutions available to its customers.

The process of investigation and development of Concentrol is completed thanks to the connection of the diverse areas of the company with the university world. The company maintains a close link with the University of Girona, in a clear commitment to the dissemination of knowledge and the search for new highly qualified talent. Since 2015, Concentrol has been part of the Board of Trustees of the Polytechnic School of the University of Girona, with the mission of promoting study, knowledge and participation in initiatives of the University.