Concentrol continues to share and bring solutions of its three divisions internationally. The chemical company attended the European Coatings Show, held between March 19 and 21 in Nuremberg (Germany), in order to present its solutions to industrial sectors important to the activity of the company, such as painting, printing, textiles, leather and adhesive manufacturers. The participation at the fair was a success for Concentrol, partly thanks to the outstanding reception that the antifoaming agents and silicone additives had.

The European Coatings Show represented the perfect occasion to show Concentrol’s Chemical Specialties products to professionals of the sector: antifoaming agents, silicone emulsions, surface silicone additives, resin dispersions and hotmelt adhesives. The event, which is held every two years, has become an important meeting point for paint, coatings, adhesives, additives and chemical products producers.

This year’s edition was a great success, in figures: 30,500 visitors from 124 countries around the world, and more than 1,156 exhibitors from 46 different countries. The European Coatings Show, after discovering new records of participation and influx in 2019, has been reaffirmed as the leading monographic show in the coatings industry.

The presence of Concentrol in ECS 2019 represented a positive experience in every way. On the one hand, the “Eco-Label” anti-foams and “SVHC Free” silicone additives had a great reception. On the other hand, the fair was the ideal space to discover the latest technical innovations in painting and printing, and to get in direct contact with important agents in the sector in order to stimulate new business alliances.

The presence of Concentrol in meeting points between technicians and professionals in the chemical sector drives the process of international growth of the company and brings to know its solutions around the world map. From the company, we continue betting on the internationalization process we have been in for more than two decades, leading us to become a reference in chemical specialties, demolders and chemical solutions for food.