Covering basic needs should not be a privilege. Taking into account the unfavourable situation that many families live in, we at Concentrol are very clear that we must continue to support the initiative “Alliance for Child Vaccination” as we have been doing for years. The project is a union of “La Caixa”, GAVI Alliance, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and more than 1842 companies, including Concentrol, which participate alongside some 3400 individuals. Thanks to the commitment of all the collaborators, it has been possible to create the Decennials generation, which sends out a very specific message: “a hopeful future exists only if we all join forces to make it possible”.

The “Alliance for Child Vaccination” foundation fights against premature infant mortality through vaccination, which prevents many illnesses that can be tragic for children. It is worth remembering that every 60 seconds 3 children die from causes that could be avoided with simple vaccinations. The aim of this institution is to increase life expectancy and, in this way, change the fate of these children. 

As an influential company in the sector, we believe that we have a positive corporate social responsibility that must contribute to society. We are very pleased to continue renewing alliances like this one, which allow us to align our values with the actions we take. 

Our main objective at Concentrol is to offer the best solutions as an equal and respectful company that makes a real contribution to society. That is why we strive every day to continue to be the leading company in the sector committed to society, the territory and its workers.