Continuous improvement in all areas is the key point that makes a company continue to grow. That is why at Concentrol we invest in the best technological advances to increase the effectiveness of the processes and our final products, since this also increases the satisfaction of our customers.

Concentrol expands the production capacity of silicone surfactants

Last June, three new reactors were put into operation in Concentrol: two 8 m³ reactors and one 4 m³ reactor. These three equipments are destined to increase the production capacity of the silicone surfactant line. Industry 4.0 criteria have been applied in all of them, which allow greater control of the processes to improve safety, productivity and cost reduction. 

New tape for Concentrol’s hot melt processing line

During the month of June, a new thermofusible products transformation belt was also incorporated. This new packaging line improves the cooling system, and the fact that it is longer allows an increase in the kg/h of processed material and better stability of the product during the process. The new equipment also has a control system and multiple monitoring systems along its route that make it much easier to use for the operator controlling the process.