Concentrol’s series of hybrid release agents made their mark at UTECH Europe 2021, the premier event for the polyurethane industry on an international scale. The sectoral meeting was held from November 16 to 18 at MECC Maastricht, in the Netherlands, where a special effort was made to rigorously comply with all security protocols related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The call served to show the public the range of Concentrol products, which were exhibited at stand F2, along with the rest of the businessmen also focused on applications for polyurethane. In addition, the Girona company had the opportunity to participate in the conference program with two presentations: “AUTOMOTIVE: Hybrid mold release agents for polyurethane foam: innovation, state of the art, application and their impact on the environment”, by the technician in I + D of Angel Rodriguez release agents, and “AUTOMOTIVE: Silicone surfactants for low content of aldehyde and aromatic emissions PU foam”, by technical director Josep Nadal.

Concentrol also attended the event as a finalist of the UTECH Europe Awards 2021 thanks to the technical innovations in its catalog of mold release agents (30:70). They won the finalist place on September 15 at a livestreaming event, and the recognition allowed them to be present at the awards ceremony.

The directors of the company have valued the participation in this event very positively, considering that it is a very valuable opportunity when it comes to meeting with loyal and potential clients from all over the world. In addition, according to them, it is also an opportunity to expand their network of contacts.

Concentrol is a company that works focused on the international market and is very aware of the issue of the sustainability of its solutions. It is precisely in this line that hybrid mold release agents fit in, one of the company’s most sustainable references, since they only contain 30% solids and the resting 70% is water.