Concentrol’s hybrid release agents gain international recognition after winning a place as a finalist for the UTECH Europe Awards 2021. Last July, the company presented its catalogue of hybrids (30:70) to the UTECH Europe Awards 2021, a call that was created to recognize the professional merits and technological innovation of European companies dedicated to the polyurethane sector.

Concentrol is a leading company in the release agent industry worldwide. Hybrid release agents stand out as one of the most sustainable solutions, since they contain only 30% solids and 70% water. This composition makes them one of the best options if you are looking for effective solutions for manufacturers that are both sustainable and respectful of the environment and the health of their employees.

On September 15th, UTECH Europe organized a special livestreaming event with a panel of experts from the industry to announce the list of companies that will go through to the next stage of the competition on merit. Concentrol has made it to the list of finalists in the automotive category. In this category, we compete with other internationally renowned finalists such as Huntsman and Recticel.

The UTECH Europe final will be held from 16 to 18 November at the MECC Masstricht in the Netherlands. At this event, all finalists will be able to exhibit their products in a special gallery, showcasing the best polyurethane applications and the best material and processing developments of the last few years. Concentrol, in particular, will be located at stand F2.