Concentrol has the mission to offer the best services for its clients and, therefore, it is vital to create a human team with professionals that best represent the essence and the meaning of the company. For this reason, the company created the PC3 Awards. The event was held on February 1st at the Via Augusta Restaurant in Riudellots de la Selva, with the entire Concentrol team.

The PC3 Awards gives the opportunity to bring together the entire team and celebrate together the recognition. This year, the president of Concentrol Jaume Guardia inaugurated the PC3 Awards with a presentation speech. Next, it was time to award the winners with an intervention by Jéssica Álvarez, head of Human Resources of the company. To conclude the celebration of the act, all workers were invited to a final cocktail.

The PC3 awards were created with the mission of recognizing those workers of the company that best reflect the values ​​of Concentrol: people, commitment, growth and collaboration. The awards are divided into several categories: four awards which recognize each Concentrol value in company workers; two prizes for those members of the team that gather the 4 values; and lastly, a prize to the department that best represents the values.

One of the great goals of Concentrol is to create and assemble the best team of workers possible, as these will allow us to be a reference chemical company around the world. For over a year, Concentrol has decided to implement the 360° Tool, in order to continue growing on a business scale but also as a human team. For the latter, we have opted for Valor@m PC3, a 360 degree evaluation system that promotes personal development and recognizes the work of professionals within the company through the PC3 Awards.