Concentrol is characterized by offering the best chemical solutions on the market and, furthermore, for being a fair and respectful company that makes positive contributions to society. Being an international benchmark allows us to collaborate and carry out real actions in the territory that have a positive impact on the territory and its population.

The Girona Cathedral, together with ADAC (Ateneu d’Acció Cultural de Girona and Plataforma per la Llengua Gironès) and Concentrol, have collaborated in finishing the temple’s organ. The action will consist of the construction and placement of 76 external tubes that are currently missing in the instrument. The organ of the Cathedral of Girona is a remarkable musical instrument with a long history and exceptional construction and sound quality. Concentrol will contribute to the realization of this highly relevant action with a donation contract, collaborating, specifically, with an entire large niche.

The first organ of the Cathedral of Girona was built in 1393, and the second one arrived in 1827. However, with the outbreak of the Civil War it was dismantled and stored to prevent its destruction. Later, in 1944, it was completed, although it had some shortcomings. For some time now, the Ateneu d’Acció Cultural has been running a campaign to obtain the necessary funding to rebuild this piece.

The commitment we have with the people and values ​​of Concentrol has allowed us to be in the chemical solutions sector for more than 80 years. That is why we once again reiterate the company’s social commitment to be close to people and add value to society, beyond the company’s commercial activity.