Concentrol has created a new program to establish partnerships with its distributors aimed at working together to offer better service and quality.

The program will allow distributors to reach new markets and introduce new products in the industries in which they are specialized. It will also enable them to provide their existing markets with new solutions which better fit their customer’s needs.

To ensure a fruitful collaboration fruitful for our partners, the program will provide:

· CONCENTROL’S BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICE that will help to develop the business potential through the collaboration and support of its commercial team

· CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS: Concentrol also makes available to its partners its range of chemical solutions that stand out for their competitiveness and high quality.

· INNOVATION AND RESEARCH: All the commitment to innovation and research that Concentrol carries out, will be put at the service of its partners, providing them with technical support to develop solutions tailored to their customers.

· TRAINING: To do everything safely and reduce uncertainty, Concentrol will train and issue certificates to people to ensure the necessary technical knowledge to offer customers the best solutions for their needs.

· COMMITMENT: Any collaboration requires a long-standing commitment. Concentrol will support its partners from development to consolidation, to guarantee success in the results.

Contact us if you are interested in receiving more information about the Concentrol Partnership Program.