Concentrol has installed a new head for the production of hot-melt adhesive pellets. This new generation of heads allows us to eliminate inner air bubbles in the production process of hot-melt adhesives.

The elimination of air bubbles inside the product is a great advantage, since the presence of air inside the adhesive hinders the melting of the material in the melting tank and generates foam, thereby hampering the efficient transport of the adhesive in pneumatic transport systems. With this new generation of heads, CONCENTROL has significantly improved the quality of its hot-melt adhesives, providing a more uniform production of pellets and better performance of the adhesive. Since it doesn’t generate foam when it melts, it makes for easier transportation in pneumatic transport systems.

CONCENTROL is a company committed to excellence, with constant revision of the production structure and implementation of the latest technologies. This continuous improvement is a key point for the company in order to offer better quality, better service and better solutions to our customers.