Being in constant renewal is crucial to ensure the future for any company. At Concentrol we know that we need to be aware of how society keeps changing and new technologies emerge to be in tune with a rapidly changing world. This week, the company launches a new website to communicate with our clients all over the world in a clearer and more direct way.

 One of the biggest changes on this new website is that Concentrol’s areas of activity are now divided into four: Performance Materials, Food Processing Aids, Additives and Adhesives. This is due to the fact that the previous Chemical Specialties  division will now be divided into two new divisions: Additives and Adhesives.

 In addition, the new website has been created with a focus on being clarity, comprehension and communication. Concentrol has been undergoing an international expansion process for more than three decades. One of our main goals is to provide our solutions all around the globe. Therefore, it has been decided to change the “naming” for our divisions and always use English.

 On the other hand, with the goal of enhancing communication, the new website illustrates Concentrol’s activity and our different chemical solutions around their use. In line with our “Leaders of the Invisible” campaigns, we showcase the use of Concentrol products and their importance in our daily lives. In addition, we use simple and direct language, constantly reinforced by images that provide depth and make the content more relevant.

 The relentless pursuit of excellence is in Concentrol’s DNA. This involves looking from the outside in, in order to go hand in hand with a world that is constantly changing. In order to continue with this phase of growth, we need to take care of the necessary structure to make ourselves known. Making ourselves visible in the digital world allows us to reach our customers, no matter where they come from.