The seats in your car, the insulation in your home walls, the mattress on which you sleep … Do you know what they all have in common? Behind them, chemicals play a fundamental role and Concentrol makes sure everything goes perfectly to meet your needs.

Throughout 2017 Concentrol has been presenting different parts that make up the “Leaders of the invisible” advertising campaign, a campaign that shows how a large number of objects and elements that play a fundamental role in our daily lives need chemicals to exist, and how Concentrol makes that possible.

The second part of the campaign, again about the mold release agent division, is shows the role played by our products in a car, from silicone stabilizers or mold release agents to contact adhesives, which are used on polyurethane foams in car seats, the steering wheel, the gear stick or air filters among many others.

Once again we can verify that our day to day and many of the conveniences we enjoy are possible in part thanks to chemical products, even if we cannot see them.