Knowledge and research are two essential elements in the formula for Concentrol’s success. In order to deliver the best solutions to our customers, it is essential to be in constant contact with professionals and experts in the sector with new ideas. On September 17 and 18, the chemical company participated in the XX International Congress of Adhesion and Adhesives, held in San Sebastián.

Concentrol not only attended as a participant of the event, but also as one of the top sponsors. The company, present from its table, was able to answer the requests and questions of those present at the congress. At the same time, the innovations and latest sustainable trends in the adhesion sector market could be spread.

This year’s edition has been the twentieth of the event. One more year, it has been a success, consolidating itself as one of the highest international benchmarks of membership. The congressmen were able to discuss and share knowledge about the most vital aspects around the adhesive sector: characterization techniques, industrial applications, adhesion engineering, surface treatments and durability of the joints.

From Concentrol we value our collaboration and participation in this year’s International Adhesion and Adhesive Congress very positively. Boosting and being present in important points of knowledge and technical development allows us to get in touch with the reality of the sector, the new needs of customers and the latest solutions to their problems. At the same time, acts of this kind allow us to consolidate and expand our network of professionals with whom we work internationally.