On June 30, we witnessed a day of solidarity and celebration. Concentrol, the leading company in chemical solutions, proudly sponsored once again the Costa Brava Solidarity Gala organized by the Girona Cancer Association.

The latest edition of this event took place at the Jardins del S’Agaró Hotel, offering a night of exquisite gastronomy, captivating live performances, and delightful surprises. However, the true essence of the event lies in its charitable purpose, as it aimed to strengthen society’s dedication to the battle against cancer.

During this remarkable evening, last year’s fundraising records were shattered, with a total of €71,265 collected. This substantial amount will be allocated to fund research and address the disparities and vulnerabilities faced by cancer patients and their families.

As depicted in the images, the gala was an evening filled with heartwarming smiles, a vibrant atmosphere, hope, and a strong desire to support those affected and their loved ones.

The Girona Cancer Association has announced that this budget will be utilized to provide different professional services to the families of affected individuals. These services will be tailored to meet the specific needs of each case, encompassing financial aid, legal and labor assistance, the loan of orthoprosthetic materials, and support for vulnerable individuals, among other initiatives.

Concentrol firmly believes that innovation in chemistry and progress in the business realm must always be accompanied by a genuine commitment to benefit society. We continuously strive to contribute value and ensure the well-being of our community, both in the present and the future.