The chemical company Concentrol has been awarded the prize, in recognition of its commitment to social responsibility. The awards were given out at an event held on January 24th at the Llotja de Mar in Barcelona, a space provided by the Consell de Cambres de Comerç de Catalunya.

Six organizations, one person, and one territory have been recognized for their good practices and commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the award ceremony. The Girona-based company specifically received the award for commitment to social responsibility in the category for small and medium-sized businesses. The award was presented by a representative of Mercabarna, the previous year’s award winner.

At the ceremony, Concentrol’s President, Jaume Guàrdia, thanked the award for recognizing the company’s efforts to generate a positive impact on society. The jury highlighted the company’s involvement “in reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable consumption through innovation, as well as consolidating CSR throughout all areas of the organization. A company with a great vision for the future with the willingness to create shared value and generate knowledge.”

Guàrdia stated: “This recognition encourages us to continue promoting initiatives in this field with the goal of achieving excellence in everything we do.” is an organization that aims to involve companies and business organizations that are committed to CSR, with the goal of promoting a qualitative and quantitative leap in CSR in Catalonia. It aims to provide a space for meeting and collaboration between companies of different sectors, territories, and sizes, to build an initiative that serves a wide variety of companies, capturing the different sense that CSR can have for each one.

Therefore, Concentrol becomes an example to follow for other companies that want to adopt a responsible attitude towards the environment and society, and that are concerned about promoting better management of their activities; as well as their commitment to contribute to improving the quality of life of people.

To publicize the good practices of the companies awarded with the prizes, a virtual day has been planned for February 16th, in which the award-winners will transfer good practices among themselves, as well as present their innovative proposals for improving CSR. This day will be an opportunity for companies to exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences, taking advantage of this virtual meeting.

Video made on the occasion of the award