On October 2nd, the Concentrol employees who participated in the Oncotrail race wore luxury equipment. This year, the company decided to support this event, becoming one of the sponsors and providing the necessary equipment to the participants of the company. 

The Oncotrail is a 100 kilometer team race with the aim of raising funds to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. This event organized by the Oncolliga Girona Foundation, the Agrupació Excursionista Palafrugell and the Club Atlètic Palafrugell takes place the first weekend of October in the Baix Empordà, in a circular route that starts and ends in Palafrugell.

10 members of Concentrol participated with the race bib number 237, which corresponded to the “Concentrol Team“. Of this group, eight were runners (Guillem Batalla, Oriol Planella, Jordi Serra, Josep Nadal, Jordi Casas, Àngel Rodríguez, Rafael Fernandez and Judith Gubau Güell, who was the leader), and two more people who acted as supporters, Sergi Carreras and Jessica Àlvarez.

During the event, other interested people were also able to make donations to the Concentrol race bib, making it possible to raise a total of €1,125.

Looking back, we can consider that 2018 was a year full of solidarity for Concentrol. First of all, because it became a sponsor of the Oncotrail for the first time. On that occasion, the collaboration materialized with the support of Guillem Batalla’s team, who participated alone on behalf of the company. In addition to supporting this race, Concentrol also decided to sponsor the OXFAM Trailwalker, the sports walk with the aim of fighting poverty in the world.