Getting the best possible solutions to customers is Concentrol’s number 1 priority. And this means working daily to achieve maximum efficiency throughout the entire production process. Along these lines, the chemical solutions company has renovated the quality control laboratory to make it easier for the professionals in the department to achieve better quality in the results of each analysis.

Quality control is one of the most vital functions for a company, since it represents the set of programs and actions in order to detect defects in products, processes or services. Concentrol, through the analysis of the various products and their interpretation, determines whether the product is ready to be marketed; that is, prepared to meet the demands of customers and meet the needs.

The new quality control laboratory offers more space and a better reorganization of it. In this way, it becomes more practical and comfortable and facilitates carrying out tasks, improving the quality of measurements. In addition, the improvement of space has also meant the possibility of expanding work tools and having devices in duplicate, which increases productivity. On the other hand, the new laboratory further strengthens safety, one of the most essential aspects. In short, the team in the quality control laboratory values this change very positively, as it makes work easier for its workers and allows them to work with greater quality.

Ensuring the best possible quality in all products is Concentrol’s ultimate goal, but it is clear to us that this is only possible when the day-to-day internal work functions correctly. In this sense, we are constantly reviewing all the processes that are carried out, from the idea of the product to its commercialization.