The part played by Concentrol in the important R&D&i project based on ionic products known as Liquion has now reached the media. On 24 November, the regional newspaper Diari de Girona interviewed the manager of the company, Jaume Guàrdia, in order to publicise the news.

The aim of this project is to find innovative energy solutions that are more ecological and efficient. Concentrol will concentrate on the development of applications related with lubrication, and the goal of this research is to produce lubricants “that are more efficient and have a better performance,” Guàrdia declared.

Liquion has been set in motion by the automotive company Maier (Mondragón Group). 13 companies from 7 different Autonomous Communities are taking part in this project, which is supported by 8 research bodies. The budget for its development is 17 million euros.