Concentrol has set itself a goal for 2022: to continue to be up-to-date with the latest developments in the sector in order to apply the latest technology to its solutions and, in this way, to continue to position itself as a reference in the field of chemical specialities.

To approach this purpose, Concentrol’s Performance Materials division has updated its catalog of silicone surfactants for polyurethane foams, adding more detailed information about the company’s products and also detailing the characteristics of the new solutions offered to customers in the international market.

In the document entitled “Silicone stabilizers for polyurethane foams”, presents in detail the technical characteristics of all the references focused on the different types of polyurethane foams. Specifically, it talks about HR type flexible molded foam, HR type block foam, rigid polyurethane foam, integral and shoe sole PU foam and slabstock foam, as well as other special applications.

Concentrol stabilizers meet the most important requirements of the manufacturers of HR-type PU foams. For HR-type formulations, a wide range of references is available which offer an optimal balance in terms of cell regulation and internal stabilization. It should be noted that, with their use, foams with very low emissions can be obtained. The catalog includes a comparative graph of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) of different references, where it can be seen that the solutions of the new Concentrol additives contribute to reduce up to 95% the VOC emissions provided by surfactants.

Another new feature of the catalog is the explanation of the properties of the new CONCENTROL STB PU-12XX PFJ stabilizer line. This is a new product line that maintains excellent physical properties in the final foam, such as optimal cell regulation, good surface finish and stabilization appropriate to each formulation, and also has extremely low emission values of aldehyde and aromatic components.

In addition, the professional editors of the catalog have added a reference table for integral foams and shoe soles. It details many of the properties of the references, such as compatibility with polyether or polyester type systems, stabilizing power, degree of cellular openness, appearance, amount of emissions involved, densities and other specific remarks.

The table with the detailed characteristics is also applied to slabstock foam references. Thus, the end user has more detailed information on the different surfactants filtered according to the customer’s needs, be they conventional, universal, or flame retardant formulations.

This new Concentrol surfactant catalog is available in Spanish, English, French and Chinese, and it is a very useful and didactic tool to make the company’s solutions available to as many users as possible in a clear and agile way.