Research is a key activity in order to be able to develop more efficient, sustainable and up-to-date solutions for today’s requirements. In the European market there is an increasing demand for products that are less toxic and more environmentally friendly, with the aim of moving towards sustainability and care for the planet.

Concentrol is developing a new line of surfactants without SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern). These are substances that have irreversible or serious effects on human health and the environment. As a consequence, these substances require adequate control of the risks associated with their uses, as well as the substitution of the substance, whenever possible. 

Substances of Very High Concern or SVHC, after having been identified by the competent authorities of the REACH Regulation (through the European Chemicals Agency – ECHA), can be found in two lists:  in the Candidate List and in the Authorization List (Annex XIV of the REACH Regulation). After being included in one in one of the lists, a report is published in it explaining why the substance is identified as a Substance of Very High Concern SVHC and is on the ECHA website.

In the case of silicone stabilizers, we would be talking about the elimination of substances such as D4, D5, D6, among others. Thanks to the work of Concentrol’s technical team, these new surfactants maintain the same chemical and mechanical properties as their predecessors or equal references.

These are the surfactant lines for manufacturers of flexible, integral, rigid and slabstock polyurethane foam systems. At the moment, these products are most widely used in the insulation panels or sandwich panels sector for construction and thermal insulation, automotive and furniture, among others. The trend indicates that demand will continue to increase in the coming years in the rest of the sectors.

In Concentrol we are committed to this new type of product and, in this sense, new developments will be made directly without these substances. Our R&D team and specialized technicians work continuously to offer the best solutions adapted to the specific requirements of each client; at the same time, we focus on increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.