Concentrol colabora con la investigación biomédica del IDIBGI

A company, as an entity that is part of society, is much more than an economic and commercial agent. Throughout the more than 75 years of Concentrol, the company has worked to add value to society, both from its products and services and also from a more collaborative and associative aspect. One example is the participation of the company, for yet another year, in the collection of patronage for the IDIBGI biomedical research.

The Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBGI) is a research center that promotes, develops and manages biomedical research, scientific and technological knowledge and training in life and health sciences. The year 2019 closed with an increase in research in 60 national and international projects, grouped in 6 research areas with more than 20 research groups. Ferran Pedró and Dr. Marga Nadal visited the Concentrol headquarters to get to know the company, accompanied by Jaume Guardia and Lluís Guardia.

The IDIBGI research areas encompass different groups that develop their own projects: Oncohematology, Metabolism and Inflammation, Cardiovascular Diseases, Neurosciences, Medical Imaging and Mental Health. Companies, entities and individuals can support IDIBGI’s work by collaborating with one or several projects developed in these six major research areas.

Health research is of vital importance to society. Today, there are still many incurable diseases, and the only way to change the situation is by betting on scientific and technological research and development. From Concentrol we thank and encourage entities such as IDIBGI to continue working, since their work is of vital importance.