The history of Concentrol: 2014 – present


Concentrol’s big goal is to work and grow in order to get our solutions around the planet. In previous instalments, focused on reviewing the history of the company, we outlined the steps and trajectory of the company, since 1941, with Everything has a beginning, Facing a new horizon and R & D and expansion. We now focus on Concentrol’s current situation as a multinational corporation that is already consolidated on an international scale and with a great future.

Thanks, in part, to renovated facilities fully prepared for large production, since 2014 Concentrol has been a consolidated company in more than 80 countries on all continents. The global evolution of the chemical solutions company over the past 20 years has culminated in the creation of Concentrol USA Corporate and the technology centre in Wuxi, China.

The growth of the company is due to market demand, where there is an increasing rise in the consumption of Concentrol products.

Concentrol is present at major international trade fairs in the chemical sector.


The company currently collaborates and actively participates in the main international trade fairs in the chemical sector, receiving a great reception. At Concentrol we look to the future with enthusiasm and understand the world in a global market framework. Therefore, we are committed to the possibilities of growth and consolidation as an international benchmark in the industrial chemical sector.

Listening to our customers and adapting to their needs, a spirit of constant innovation, respect for the environment and people are some of Concentrol’s founding values ​​that are maintained today. Precisely, this is the philosophy that has made us grow successfully throughout our career. For this reason, we continue to bet on our values ​​and on building a future as successful or more, together with all the professionals who help us to make it possible every day.