The history of Concentrol: 1994-2013


We continue the Research Blog deliveries dedicated to Concentrol’s history. In the previous issues, Everything has a beginning and Facing a new horizon we explained the first steps of the company from 1941 to 1986. Today we continue with the important steps towards R+D and the expansion of Concentrol.


In the upper right corner: 1994- New warehouse Concentrol 2 that allowed the growth and the follow up of the international expansion


In 1994, Concentrol was a growing company that had already consolidated its expansion in the national and international field. Its products became a reference. The company already worked with a very outstanding commitment to Innovation and Development and required new spaces for its growth. As a response to that, the facilities were expanded with the new Concentrol 2 warehouse in Riudellots de la Selva.


International expansion continued to gather momentum thanks to the increased production and product quality.

In 2000, the construction of the new Concentrol 3 building represented a great leap forward in the production capacity and in the path towards excellence that the company’s values dictate. The facilities of the new building were technologically advanced and allowed the production of exclusive products.

2000-New plant Concentrol 3: great leap in production capacity

The commitment towards the constant improvement and dynamization of Concentrol’s facilities lead the company to open new offices in 2013. These are modern spaces designed for better functionality.

2013- Inauguración de nuevas oficinas

In the same year, 2013, Josep Guàrdia Rodà, who had dedicated his life to the creation and consolidation of the company, passed away. His foundational values will remain alive in Concentrol until today.

2013 – Josep Guàrdia Rodà passes away

In the next issue we will explain the consolidation of the company on an international scale and the results that the great pillars of strategic vision have given and have marked Concentrol’s growth.