The history of Concentrol: 1962-1986

In the previous Research Blog dedicated to Concentrol’s history, Everything has a beginning, we explained the birth and origins since the company’s foundation. Now we continue with the timeline since 1962.

After Jaume Guàrdia Jordà’s death, his son Josep Guàrdia Rodà rethinks the business strategy. With great entrepreneurial vision, the company begins to produce specialty chemicals.

On the top, some of the first products Concentrol manufactured for the final consumer.


Concentrol proposes a strategic line of work based on professionalism, effort, commitment, capacity of overcoming and social responsibility. These aspects will become part of the fundamental pillars of the company, which will accompany and promote its growth.

At that time, the products manufactured by Concentrol went directly to the final consumer. With the change of direction of the business, sales will be directed to companies that will use the company’s products to create other products. The objective will be to turn the company into a strategic supplier for large companies and multinationals.

Likewise, with this new business vision, it was decided to change the image of the company with a new logo. A renewed image for a new business stage.


New “PC Productos Concentrol” logo.

During the 80’s Concentrol consolidates with the implantation in the national and international market, thanks to a strategic vision of the company towards research and innovation.

Deed of incorporation of Productos Concentrol, S.A., on February 25th, 1984.

The growth of the company makes it necessary to consider moving the headquarters to Riudellots de la Selva. The facilities need more working space and the change of location allows the company to continue with a vision of business expansion. In addition, the new location guarantees facilities in the logistics and production areas.

In 1986, the headquarters were moved to Riudellots de la Selva due to the expansion of the business and vision of growth.

In the next issue of Concentrol’s history, you will be able to know the advances in innovation and expansion of the company from 1994 to 2013.