Concentrol has attended the Food Ingredients (FI) Europe, a renowned ingredients fair that serves as a global meeting hub for professionals in the food industry. Held in Frankfurt from November 28 to 30, the event brought together leading suppliers, buyers, R&D experts, and production specialists, fostering connections for over 35 years.

Recognized as a cornerstone event in the sector, FI Europe offers a unique platform for engaging with key industry players. Exhibitors showcased a diverse array of solutions spanning the entire food and beverage supply chain. Simultaneously, high-level conferences delved into the sector’s most pertinent trends, innovations, and research.

Sustainability took center stage in this edition, emerging as a pivotal challenge for the industry. Critical issues such as sustainable sourcing, labeling transparency, regulatory compliance, ESG (environmental, social, and governance), and gender equality were prominently addressed.

Concentrol has seized this opportunity to forge new connections and strengthen its presence in the food industry. The presence at the event underscores Concentrol’s ongoing commitment to innovation and quality in developing solutions. Through chemical innovation, the company aims to positively impact both society and the planet, addressing emerging needs with a sustainable and responsible outlook.