Being close to collaborators and working together are some of the most vital actions for Concentrol. The extensive network of distributors and owners that the chemical company has in various geographical points of the planet makes it possible to bring the best solutions to customers. A clear example of cooperation is the work that is carried out with OPQ Systems, one of the official distributors of Concentrol. The company of chemical solutions will assist, as a collaborator of OPQ Systems, at the Graphispag 2019 Fair, held on March 26 to 29 in Barcelona.

The Graphispag Fair represents an interesting meeting point for professionals in the printing industry and visual communication. Leaders, prescriptors and professionals involved in graphic transformation meet to present the latest innovations and reflect on the new trends in the industry and graphic communication. The Fair Graphispag this year launches a new format, based on the creation of four spaces that facilitate the transmission of knowledge and the interaction of the visitor with the brands and the content they offer.

The company OPQ Systems, accompanied by Concentrol, will be present at the event with its own stand. It is a national distributor of important brands, which presents personalized solutions to the needs of the teams of manipulated for post printing. Concentrol establishes an outstanding network of collaboration with the graphic company, as it is its official distributor of hotmelt adhesive for polyurethane for the binding sector in Spain and Portugal.

Assistance to areas of technical and scientific dissemination allows to create new alliances and reinforce those already established, as well as being in direct contact with the new ideas and solutions of the sector. Concentrol is firmly committed to keeping up with each of the agents that make up its partnership network every day. In this way, the chemical company can achieve its daily objective of bringing the best solutions to customers around the world.