Concentrol will participate in the conference ‘Expanding Horizons: Digital Internationalization in the Chemical Industry’ organized by ACCIÓ. This free event will take place on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. The conference is a key initiative for the chemical sector aimed at exploring the potential of digital marketing in the international expansion of companies.

Concentrol, a renowned company in the chemical sector, always at the forefront of innovation and committed to adopting new technologies, sees digital marketing as an opportunity to expand its global reach. Through its participation in this event, Concentrol hopes to share its successful experiences, learn from its counterparts, and strengthen its presence in international markets.

The increasing use of digital channels by B2B companies will be the central theme of the conference. Discussions will revolve around the importance of a robust digital internationalization plan to reach a broader global audience and expand market presence. The consulting firm LÍMBIC, specializing in industrial digital marketing, will share the keys to effectively harnessing online channels.

This conference is part of ACCIÓ’s commitment to the International eTrade service, which aims to promote the internationalization of Catalan companies through digital channels. ACCIÓ is a member of the Enterprise Europe Network project, which brings together more than 450 business support organizations in 50 countries.

Registrations are now open.