On May 23rd, Concentrol celebrated the company’s 75th anniversary with a ceremony held in the Girona Auditorium. The celebration started with a speech by the President of Concentrol, Jaume Guàrdia Pont, who talked about the history of the company, recalling the founder Jaume Guàrdia Jordà – grandfather of the current president- and Josep Guàrdia Rodà -father of the current president- who was a key figure in the reorientation, promotion and growth of the business, moving from household cleaning products to the chemical solutions industry. During his speech the President remembered some events, some hard moments -like the fire in 2012- and other good moments -like the expansion works of the headquarters. He also expressed his gratitude to the workers for their commitment during this time, with a special gift to those who have been part of the company these past 20 years. The president finished his speech talking about the strategic plan for the next years. Then, the prestigious “coach” Emili Duró encouraged everyone with his speech full of positivism. It was a good push to look to the future with determination and optimism. After this injection of motivation, the celebration continued with lunch for the whole company.

From local sale of dyes to the international sale of chemical solutions

Who would have said in 1941, when the founder of Concentrol, Jaume Guàrdia Jordà, produced household cleaning products with a small reactor, that 75 years later, his son would have refocused the company successfully into the industrial sector and it would now be employing more than 100 people and with 20 millionin yeatly revenues (half of which from international sales). Concentrol’s growth is the materialization of the good work done over the years. Continuing with this streak and the good health of the company, Concentrol has the objective to reach 35 million in revenues in 2019, with a very significant sustained growth over the next five years. Looking back the satisfaction is total and looking forward the feeling is encouraging, always faithful to the same slogan: Commitment to excellence.