Yesterday, December 13, la Mercè in Girona hosted the 11th edition of the Digital E-Tech Awards, an award promoted by the Association of New Technology Companies of Girona (AENTEG) that seek to recognize the work developed in the technology industry in the province of Girona.

Concentrol, together with ElGiroscopi, was chosen in the category “Best Digital Marketing Initiative of Girona”, an award that aims to recognize the digital marketing action carried out by an organization, valuing the use, in addition to the Internet, of other channels, media and communication platforms that, taking advantage of their characteristics and interaction possibilities, complement each other and bring improvements to the initiative by using them together.

In addition, the E-Tech Awards also recognised the work of ten companies, institutions, entities and individuals who with their efforts, initiatives and projects contribute to the dissemination and development of the digital and technological world in the Girona regions.

For Concentrol it was a great honor to attend the ceremony and receive this recognition, which will serve as an impulse to continue working with marketing and new technologies to achieve the company’s strategic objectives.