The science team in CONCENTROL laboratories has made an extension of the tests of effectiveness of mineral oil based antifoam EMULTROL OLM-17. This reference had already been conductedefficacy trials in CONCENTROL laboratories published in our Research Blog, currently new tests have been performed to complete the study and obtain detailed information of the stability of the antifoam in decorative paints.

In the latest study we analyzed the stability in time of the antifoaming effectiveness of EMULTROL OLM-17. For their study a paint sample is taken with a 0.2% defoamer and stored at 45 ° C for one week. Subsequently, the antifoaming effectiveness test is repeated stirring the mixture at 1.300 rpm for 5 minutes and the percentage of air is calculated.

The test has been performed on acrylic based decorative paints and vinyl-veova which are the most used.

Figure 1- Antifoam test results EMULTROL DFM OLM-17 in different decorative paints.

The results show that EMULTROL DFM OLM-17 has a good antifoam effectiveness on the studied paints, which remains stable over time.

Moreover, as has been extensively described in previous studies, this product presents no problems of compatibility with paints.  See efficacy study and complete compatibility EMULTROL DFM OLM-17.

Therefore, DFM EMULTROL OLM-17 is a defoamer with a cost-effectiveness that is suitable for the production of a wide variety of paints, decorative  especially those based acrylic and vinyl-veova.