On June 27, and until 29 of the same month, the exhibition PSE Europe (International Exhibition of Polyurethane Solutions) was held in the German city of Munich. This event, which celebrated its first edition, received the leading manufacturers of the polyurethane industry, who found in this convention a place to present their most innovative applications and their new solutions of polyurethane.

Concentrol participated with a stand in the area of ​​exhibitors, as well as being part of the high-level conference program featuring the latest trends, innovations and developments in the world of polyurethane. In this way, Concentrol contributed its grain of sand by presenting the paper “New silicon surfactants with low emissions HR foams”, by Dr. Josep Nadal and Adrià López from the Technical Department. “

We live in a time where this material is constantly finding new applications thanks to its versatility, duration and low weight. That is why the PSE Europe was a great success, due to the good weather that is undergoing the polyurethane: there is currently expected growth in the world demand for polyurethane from 17 million tonnes to 24 million tonnes from 2014 to 2020.