Concentrol received a group of students from GINSA (Degree in Innovation and Food Safety) from the University of Girona, together with their professor, director of the department of OGEDP (Organization, Business Management and Design of the Product), Dr. Gerusa Giménez, to show them the activities that are carried out in the Concntrol’s Food Division. The students were able to visit our facilities and learn about the day-to-day at Concentrol, especially how ISO and processes are managed. To better explain the operation from a Quality perspective, the person in charge of solving doubts was Ms. Elena Escatllar, our head of Quality Assurance.

Quality is a fundamental value for Concentrol, that’s why we have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates that guarantee quality standards, not only for the products we develop, but also an effective Environmental Management System (EMS), among other management systems. Total quality is an intrinsic part of the philosophy that differentiates Concentrol. We know that to achieve excellence in any aspect -from the development of new products to the personalized treatment with the customer – the process and a good management of the systems are essential.

Since 2015, Concentrol has been part of the Board of the Polytechnic School of the University of Girona, whose main objective is to study, disseminate, participate and collaborate in all the tasks and achievements of the University. This is not trivial, since it fits straight into Concentrol’s values, research, development, knowledge, excellence and quality.