One method of papermaking is by means of a cylinder mold machine. It is a very traditional procedure, currently seldom used as it is slow, although this method allows the resulting paper to have a high resistance, be very stable and homogenous and obtain higher weights. The principle of this method has remained practically unchanged since the early nineteenth century. However, the current technological advances, such as the addition of defoamers, have had an impact on some phases to optimize the process and its performance.

The presence of dissolved air and foam during the production process can cause disruptions in the paper such as tears, holes or stains, lower drainage, lower opacity or higher energy costs in the refining and pumping. For this reason, using defoamers in paper production on a cylinder mold is essential to optimize the production process and get a stable and quality finish in the final result.

Concentrol has extensive experience in the design and synthesis of chemical specialities tailored to the different needs of the industry. For the cylinder mold paper manufacturing sector Concentrol has developed the oil-based defoamer EMULTROL DFM OL-9, a chemical compound that is added during the production process in order to prevent foam and its consequences.

The oil-based defoamer EMULTROL DFM OL-9 acts against the formation of macro and microfoam with a persistent effectiveness throughout the process, so it is not necessary to apply it in the water treatment machine. It is a stable product that requires no agitation and does not separate once applied. It is also thinner than many defoamers on the market, which means it is clearer so it does not stain paper, while being less viscous it facilitates the pumping phase. The oil-based defoamer EMULTROL DFM OL-9 contains components that facilitate the dispersion of pigments to avoid concentrations of colour wherever bubbles have been generated. Its dosage is constant and minimal, offering excellent performance at minimum cost.

Concentrol studies each customer’s case and conducts studies to provide the most suitable solution for their requirements. Contact us for more information about defoamers for papermaking.