Pressure-sensitive adhesives offer advantages in their properties compared to other kinds of formulations. They have good stability and ultraviolet light resistance in a wide range of operating temperatures. Such adhesives must meet the requirements for good performance without problems, offering good results in their adhesion, tack, and cohesion properties.

Rosin dispersions, known as tackifiers, have the primary function of improving the adhesive properties of a pressure sensitive adhesive. To optimize these adhesive properties, Concentrol developed in its laboratories the product EMULTROL E-177. It is an esterified rosin dispersion, specially formulated in order to improve the properties of acrylic-based adhesives. The results of the efficiency studies carried out at Concentrol show excellent adhesion and tack properties on all kinds of surfaces, keeping high cohesion. Its adhesive properties are very good in a wide range of temperatures with high performance on low energy surfaces.

In the following study, the obtained values ​​of tack and adhesion of the final adhesive, formulated with Emultrol E-177 and a standard acrylic resin, are shown.

The graphs show the results on different surfaces within a temperature range that EMULTROL E-177 gives to the final adhesive.

The EMULTROL E-177 resin dispersion also has excellent compatibility with EVA, SBR, NBR, latex, polychloroprene and water-based polyurethane. The range of resin dispersions developed by Concentrol has very good mechanical resistance against shear, while being highly stable against oxidation and UV rays. Their particle size is very small, facilitating their application.