Concentrol received first and second year students from the Ramon Coll i Rodés high school in Lloret de Mar. The students take the technological modality, which will allow them to carry out further studies related to the activity of the chemical company. One of the objectives of this visit is to introduce students to the reality of a chemical company and show them the different areas that make up a company.

At Concentrol we firmly believe that it is essential to be connected to the academic world. A younger vision brings new ideas, and being aware of the R&D carried out by the company can open up new professional prospects for the future.

During the visit, the Deputy CEO Àstrid Guàrdia and the Head of Human Resources Jessica Àlvarez, accompanied the students, guiding them through the facilities, explaining the different processes and solving the doubts that arose among the attendees. The students were also able to learn first-hand about Concentrol’s work philosophy, which encourages motivation, commitment, effort and innovation.

Concentrol is always very close to the teaching world, to be able to share experiences that can enrich both the educational world and the business world. For us, it is important to contribute to the development of future generations, offering a learning and training environment that allows them to develop professionally. For this reason, at Concentrol we are committed to the education and training of young people, so that they can become the professionals of the future.