The Polytechnic School of the University of Girona has organized a new edition of the Industrial Forum, a job fair with the aim of putting university students in touch with the business world. This event, held on Wednesday, April 27, brings together students looking for a job opportunity with business.

Concentrol was able to show students the work that takes place in the company and the methodology that has led us to the forefront of many sectors. In short, the Industrial Forum is an excellent opportunity to give a chance to university talent, attract future graduates who in the future could be part of the company, and teach the developing fields in engineering, in which Concentrol is a leader.

During the event, already consolidated as one of the most important of the university, the companies have stands where they exhibit their areas of development and welcome the visiting students. At the same time, conferences, interviews and other activities are organized to facilitate the transition of technological knowledge to companies and bring the world of work closer to university students.