Concentrol, a chemical solutions company, develops products that set the standard for professionals in the paint and coatings sector. Each product is specifically designed for this industry, offering a wide range of applications and unique characteristics to comprehensively meet all needs.

The products focused on paints and coatings are categorized under the additives division, where an R+D+i team conducts research and develops additives that provide desired finishes and properties to paints.


Defoaming Agents

The EMULTROL DFM® range includes antifoam agents, which are the most important products in the additives division, including solutions specifically designed for paint manufacturers. We offer a comprehensive range of products that cater to various applications, usage conditions, and emulsion types.

Each solution possesses specific properties and requires precise dosages at each stage of the production process. These antifoam agents have different compositions, including mineral oils, biodegradable oils, ecological oils, and silicone. They are used in construction and decorative paints, effectively reducing foam during manufacturing and application. The products vary in solids concentration, dosage requirements, and effectiveness. Notable features include easy incorporation, absence of volatile organic compounds, and compliance with EU and FDA regulations.


Wax Emulsions

The EMULTROL® range consists of a diverse selection of wax emulsions. These emulsions offer properties such as anti-blocking, smoothness, matting effect, gloss improvement, scratch resistance, waterproofing, and overall surface finish modification.

The different references can be based on paraffin, polyethylene waxes, natural waxes, or mixtures thereof. Concentrol provides solutions suitable for coatings in contact with food.


Silicone Emulsions

The EMULTROL® range also encompasses a wide variety of silicone emulsions. Concentrol offers several emulsions that enhance the hydrophobicity and texture of paints, facilitating brush application.


Silicone Surface Additives

The ORDISOL SWT® range enables better moisturization without increasing foam generation, requiring doses up to ten times lower than traditional moisturizers. Additionally, these additives can provide special finishes, enhance coating smoothness, reduce friction, and improve resistance to abrasion and scratching, among other properties.

Concentrol offers a broad range of 100% solids silicone surface additives designed to provide different properties and applications across various systems. Their properties include significant reduction in surface tension, improved spreadability of paint or varnish, anti-crater and leveling effects, as well as gloss, scratch, and slip resistance. These additives are available for aqueous, solvent, and UV systems, exhibiting high compatibility and generally allowing for repaintability.

The additives division comprises different lines of work categorized into ranges based on their technological functions in coatings. Concentrol’s objective is to provide tailored solutions for each client’s specific needs.