Concentrol develops market leading solutions for paints and coatings in a wide variety of applications. Each product has specific and very defined characteristics and needs, in this way the company creates from additives for architectural paint applications to aerospace coatings. All these product ranges are included in the additives division, from where Concentrol researches and develops additives that give paints the desired finish and properties.

This division has open different lines of work classified in ranges by technological function on the coating.


Antifoaming agents

Antifoaming agents are included in the EMULTROL DFM® range, the most important family of products in the additives division with products designed for paint manufacturers. We have a very complete range to cover most applications, conditions of use and type of emulsion.

Each solution has certain properties and a specific dosage at each moment of the production process.

  • EMULTROL DFM OLM-17 i AFO-1: They are 100% solid defoamers based on mineral oils. They have deaerating and antifoaming properties in construction paints or the decorative sector, with an antifoaming effect during manufacture and application (after months). The benefits of these products are that they require low dosage and are highly effective. DFM OLM-17 requires dosing prior to grinding because it is difficult to incorporate as it is 100% solid. AFO-1 is a 55% emulsion that presents a better price-effectiveness balance.
  • EMULTROL DFM AFO-10 (EMULTROL DFM AFO-6): This emulsion defoamer is 22% solids based on mineral oils. Its properties are also deaerating and antifoaming during manufacturing. This product is an economic defoamer for high PVC paints (high filler content). It can be incorporated at the beginning and at the end.
  • EMULTROL DFM AFO-24 i OLV-24: They are emulsion defoamers based on vegetable oil derivatives (AFO-24 in a proportion of 55%). They have deaerating and defoaming properties in construction and decorative paints, with a defoaming effect during manufacture and application (after months). They do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs). They comply with EU regulation 10/2011 (plastic materials in contact with food). The benefits they present are a good balance of dosage/effectiveness. The best performance is achieved when fully incorporated at startup.
  • EMULTROL DFM CP-6: This solution is a 100% solid silicone-based defoamer. It has deaerating and antifoaming properties in 100% solid epoxy systems, without solvents (they contain reactive diluent, which is reacted). The benefits it provides are a good surface finish.


Wax and silicone emulsions

The EMULTROL® range is made up of a large number of wax and silicone emulsion references. Wax emulsions allow to obtain anti-blocking properties, smoothness, matting effect, gloss improvement, anti-slip, scratch resistance, water repellency and, in general, modification of the surface finish.

Concentrol has two emulsions that improve the texture of the paints, facilitating their application with a brush. These emulsions (both EMULTROL ES-115-60 and EMULTROL PS-2460) provide water-repellent properties.

Wax emulsions, in addition to being water-repellent, can prevent the “snail slime” effect (as in the case of EMULTROL CM-2655) or provide anti-scratch properties or resistance to high temperatures, such as EMULTROL CP-13137. Concentrol also offers a wax microemulsion that prevents the varnish from turning whitish and at the same time is applicable for coatings in indirect contact with food (EMULTROL CP-22128 AL).


Silicone surface additives

The ORDISOL SWT® range allows better wetting without increasing foam generation, with doses up to ten times lower than those of traditional wetting agents. They can also provide special finishes, increase the smoothness of a coating, decrease friction, improve resistance to abrasion and scratching, etc.

These additives provide varnish extension, anti-crater and leveling properties. Each product has properties suitable for each product. Concentrol has solutions for wood varnishes, both in aqueous and solvent systems, industrial paints or UV systems.


Other auxiliary products

We also have aqueous dispersions of metallic soaps that provide a matting effect to slip and anti-adherence, and tailor-made polymeric dispersions as part of the paint formulation.