PRODUCTOS CONCENTROL, S.A. is a company committed to its workers and the environment. In order to embody these commitments and establish measures to ensure compliance, CONCENTROL has developed a Compliance Program, which not only frames the Corporate Principles that have always governed the business activity of the company, but also determines the Code of Conduct. Thus, with the implementation of the Compliance Program, two purposes in particular are achieved; On the one hand, CONCENTROL has legal protection in civil liability, administrative and especially criminal offence that may be committed in the event of a non-accomplishment of the rules governing the company, as stated in the article 31 bis and following of the Criminal Code, amended in 2010. On the other hand, the Compliance Program concerns an improvement in working conditions as a benefit for the company itself and the ones who are involved. 



CONCENTROL’s business activity predicates the respect and promotion of the following Corporate Principles:


  • Preservation of the environment: efficient use of resources and commitment to renewable energy, in compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Diversity and globalism: respect for diversity and rejection of any type of discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, nationality, religious beliefs, ideology, gender or age.
  • Solidarity and social involvement: commitment to the territory, social environment and active collaboration with agents that work for social cohesion.
  • Quality and safety: high investment in R + D, diversification and specialization of facilities and make profit of the production systems. 
  • Ethics and respect for current legislation: business ethics and commitment to the current regulations.
  • Non-corruption: CONCENTROL refuses any economic or business advantage out of any corrupt practice. Benefits at any price are not accepted. 
  • Antitrust and competition regulation: commitment to the market laws to promote free competition, which ensures the protection of consumers as well as the respectful competition among companies. 
  • Health and safety at work: optimum working conditions according to the current labor legislation and protection of the employees.
  • Confidentiality as the best warranty of professionalism: confidential and respectful treatment not only the clients information but also the competitors.
  • Commitment to fair taxation: strong commitment to fiscal and tax obligations.



It embodies the ethical rules and standards that are mandatory for all employees. This Code of Conduct is formed by the following basic essentials:


  • Respect in the workplace: includes respect for diversity, the rejection of any type of harassment and the best working conditions granted, health and safety, which is achieved by the entire company, including its employees.
  • Integrity in the market: includes responsible trading, respectful and equitable treatment of customers, and business interactions with other agents according to ethical principles. All in all in compliance with antitrust and competition laws.
  • Ethics in business activities: ethical responsibility on the process of decision making related to commercial issues with the aim of avoiding conflicts of interest, fighting against corruption, bribery, fraud and money laundering, as well as the responsible use of email and other communication systems of the company.


In addition, CONCENTROL’s Code of Conduct is complemented by 2 specific protocols, which are added to the protocol against harassment at work and the protocol for new technologies, which governed the company prior to the Compliance Program:

  1. Protocol against money laundering 
  2. Internal gift protocol  

Even if CONCENTROL applies the entire Code of Conduct, including the current criminal regulations, any illegal conduct could be detected. In this event, if any employee or linked person to the company has witnessed or has knowledge of any infraction stated in the Code of Conduct, they have the duty to communicate through the Internal Complaint Channel, which is managed by the Compliance Officer. The complaint should be addressed to the following email address: In any case, maximum confidentiality is guaranteed for the complainant.

CONCENTROL is strongly committed to respect ethical principles, complying with current regulations and creating a work place based on promoting the skills and qualities of each employee, respecting any existing diversity.