Concentrol had a prominent participation in the recent edition of UTECH 2024, where it introduced its innovative Spray Process Control System (SPCS). This system represents a significant advancement in the method of control and optimization for the application of spray release agents, marking a milestone in the industry for its ability to improve efficiency, quality control, and data-driven decision-making.


Concentrol’s SPCS enables early detection of deviations or issues, leading to proactive maintenance and a significant reduction in downtime. This technology not only optimizes the amount of release agent used but also enhances customer satisfaction through data-driven recommendations and support.


Furthermore, the SPCS contributes to reducing the carbon footprint, reinforcing Concentrol’s commitment to sustainability and responsible innovation.

New Value Proposals for release agents and surfactants were also presented, aiming to reinforce the qualitative and technical values that Concentrol offers through its solutions.


We deeply appreciate all our visitors, customers, and partners who joined us at UTECH 2024. Your enthusiasm and support have been essential for the success of this presentation and motivate us to continue leading the way toward a more efficient and sustainable future.

Thank you for making UTECH 2024 an unforgettable event for Concentrol and for believing in the power of our innovative solutions!