Reviewing and updating the internal processes of a company, both productivity and human relations, as well as the legal framework and compliance with the requirements and recommendations of regulatory bodies, is essential to guarantee efficiency and safety. Concentrol, during the month of December of the last year, carried out training on the compliance program.

Managers and workers of regulatory aspects received knowledge about regulatory compliance, in order to be able to implement it in the company as is already the case with the ISO. This program is a tool to protect and avoid criminal proceedings carried out on behalf of the company or within the company.

The objective is to avoid, correct and act against actions that may damage the image of the company. An example of this would be the criminal or administrative offenses that exist in the penal code and that can directly affect companies or people who work. At Concentrol, crimes that can affect the most are those related to environmental and public health issues. For this reason, the company pays more attention to these matters, in order to comply with current regulations.

In addition, the regulatory compliance program also includes the harassment protocol at work, among other protocols that ensure safety and equality between workers. It is a matter in which the company is also working to develop an equality plan for the year 2021.

The safety and efficiency of a company are vital for its proper functioning and, especially, to guarantee the health of each worker. At Concentrol we work every day to follow the recommendations and compliance with the laws by regulatory bodies.