Concentrol has always made a special effort to be close to its customers, offering them careful information about their references and also the possibility to adapt the solutions to their specific needs in order to make their work more agile. 

In this line, from this month Concentrol offers its customers the first of a series of trainings, which this time focus on release agents for polyurethane foams and silicone surfactants for polyurethane foams. 

The new training videos are aimed at industry players who would like to learn more about Concentrol’s release agent and surfactant references, their characteristics and their application.

In the case of silicone surfactants, copolymers formed by a silicone base and polyethers, the training sessions are focused on discovering the key functions of these additives, the physical properties they provide to the polyurethane foam depending on the sector or application, and to know the degree of sustainability of the solutions. In addition, by watching the videos, the user can discover how surfactants can influence the final properties of the polyurethane foam.

With regard to mold release agents, products that are applied to numerous industrial processes for the manufacture of parts in molds, the training focuses on discovering the influence that mold release agents have on polyurethane production in terms of the appearance and surface properties of the final part, the manufacturing process, repairs and waste, dirt in the mold or the working environment, among others. The ultimate goal is to provide information on the range of variables to be taken into account in these processes, and on how to obtain optimal applications while reducing production costs and causing the minimum possible impact on the environment and workers’ health.

All you have to do to access this exclusive information is to request access to the release agent and/or surfactant training courses by filling in the form on the website. Once the request has been validated, the interested parties will receive an email with instructions on how to access the requested content, to learn more about Concentrol’s solutions and the possibilities for their business.