Part of Concentrol’s success is due to its Partnership Program. The company has long since decided to rely on a number of partners who help us to make the company’s products available in all markets and sectors. The partners have always been provided with all kinds of tools such as information, materials or resources with a very clear objective: to bring Concentrol’s chemical solutions to the global market, and to do so in the most professional way possible.

This year we have decided to continue to focus on our partners, inaugurating the “Concentrol Academy”, a platform that brings together video training capsules on specific products. These resources serve to learn more about our solutions and to see the practical application that the different product references can have. 

This newly launched section will be inaugurated with a series of basic content related to release agents and silicone surfactants. The videos will be available in the private area of the Concentrol intranet, and all partners who explicitly request it will have access to all the contents.

Over time, the idea is to develop more content related to the rest of the company’s divisions, creating new materials that provide added value and facilitate the commercial task of Concentrol’s partners.

Concentrol has always focused on offering a careful and professional service to the end customer, and this involves customizing the solutions according to their specific needs.