Concentrol’s Performance Materials division is highly specialized, thanks to the team of expert technicians who work every day to improve and achieve the best solutions adapted to customer requirements. At the beginning of last June, PU Magazine published a new article based on a study by Concentrol.

PU magazine is a globally recognized platform which groups technical and scientific articles, as well as reports from the international market related to polyurethane.

The article shared by the specialized magazine is titled “Release agents for molded polyurethane: notions, possibilities, study and product adaptation”, written by Joaquim Serra, Technical Director of the Performance Materials division. The technical article deals with the special importance of release agents in polyurethane parts, which allows them to be molded and have a great impact on the general appearance of the final part. It also discusses the possible risk factors for incorrect use of the release agents and how Concentrol can adapt the optimal release agent for each line, designing tailor-made formulations for all needs.

Thanks to the experience for being in the chemical sector for so many years, Concentrol is proud to be able to participate in different media to share its knowledge. For this reason, we will continue to combine research and dedication to create a high-quality product and service with high added value for all of our customers.