Concentrol products and services are the result of the efforts of a great human team of professionals who are owed to customers.

To recognize their work, the company began a transformation project in 2018 with different phases and projects, in which cross-cutting work teams were organized and where the company’s mission and the recognition of essential values ​​were jointly defined. These have ended up forming part of our DNA and to emphasize their importance, the project culminated with the delivery of these annual awards and recognitions.

The occasion brings together the company’s human team to celebrate the successes and progress of the company. The awards emphasize four fundamental values ​​of Concentrol: people, commitment, growth, and collaboration. The distinctions are divided into several categories: four awards that recognize each Concentrol value in the company’s workers; two prizes for those team members who meet the 4 values; and lastly, an award for the department that best represents the values. 

One of Concentrol’s objectives is to originate and assemble the best team of workers, whether in terms of talent or human qualities. The company’s team is what has allowed Concentrol to be a chemical company of reference throughout the world and to be a leader in its field, offering solutions adapted to each client.