Concentrol, the winner of the 2023 prize, participated in a virtual transfer session on February 16th. The session was attended by Jessica Àlvarez, the Director of People & Organization, and Yago Zabala, the Director of Business Development & Innovation. The session was important because it gave the company the opportunity to showcase the strategy that earned them the prize to the other participants.

Concentrol is a company that manufactures specialized chemical solutions for various industries. Its commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility led the company to apply for the prize, which recognizes companies that stand out for their commitment to CSR.

During the transfer session, Concentrol provided a brief introduction and then delved into a subsequent workshop to explain its strategy for reducing its environmental impact and improving its social responsibility. This strategy is based on the implementation of various measures, such as reducing energy consumption, optimizing internal and production processes, implementing recycling practices, and collaborating with non-profit organizations to promote sustainable development.

It is important to note that Concentrol’s participation in sessions like this one is essential because it allows the company to showcase its internal and external management. Sharing its practices and strategies with other professionals in the industry enables the chemical company to receive valuable feedback that will undoubtedly help improve and enrich its own processes in the future.